“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

I will be slowly getting my site in order. I took on a great many security sensitive Clients this year so by necessity, I am developing a more secure and content specific website to accommodate their needs. Stay tuned and check back from time to time. You can always reach me at 704-614-3673.

Sean Patton

Sean Patton

Web Monkey

I will be working on the site over the next few months as time allows. I have taken a position with Snyder’s-Lance Inc. as their Web Administrator. I still maintain current Clients and will be taking on 1 or 2 jobs a month so if you have a need, please feel free to call me at 704-614-3673 or shoot me an email.

My Design Process

I generally stare at a group of images or read about upcoming video games until Family Guy comes on some channel or another. After that, I play with my daughter and encourage her nightly hygiene habits. From there, I sometimes read her a book or five and do “tickle backs”. At some point I end up falling asleep only to wake up at between 2:30 and 4 am with the perfect idea for your website. Later that day I will refine that idea to the exclusion of all else until I am ready to show the work.

Some of the reasons people generally hire me:

  • 20 Years experience in Design, Marketing & 15 years in Web Design & Development
  • Personalized service coupled with zero overhead means you get one on one interaction and no inflated cost structure
  • I am a snappy dresser
  • Multiple layout options for everything.
  • I won’t pigeon-hole you and try to sell you something I don’t believe will make your business better
  • I like to take Clients out for beers

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