Patton Creative Web has taken a strange turn these last couple of months. I am working full time at a job I love while simultaneously taking on a number of security -sensitive Clients.
Sean Patton
Sean PattonGatekeeper
I have been a Web Designer/Developer for almost 20 years though “web developing” was hilarious when I began this sorted career mostly consisting of blocky, ugly layouts and color vacillating between dull as shit all the way to seizure inducing explosions of pixelated mayhem. If your target audience had the bandwidth, you could put an American flag GIF but they wouldn’t thank you for it because image identification errors were all too common. I am convinced that I once brought down the AOL servers by piling a page with Picachu GIFs of the little guy tripping over something. This was supposed to be a profile but sufficed to say, it has been a long road and if you need a website, and you can find me, maybe you can hire the A-T… me.